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04229 Leipzig, Germany
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media city leipzig
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04275 Leipzig, Germany
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Which possibilities does Leipzig offer for photo studios?

Just as diverse as Leipzig itself are the photo studios that can be rented for your project. Perhaps you would like to hold a couple's shoot in a modern loft? If you are planning a larger project, for example a film shoot or a commercial, off-locations such as an old factory hall are suitable. But maybe you also attach importance to the photo studio having an outdoor area. Your individual idea and the purpose for which you want to rent the photo studio in Leipzig decide which location is best suited.

What should be considered when booking a photo studio?

If you want to rent a photo studio in Leipzig, there are some things to consider in advance. The most important thing is that the location offers enough space. If you will be working on the project for a longer period of time, there should be enough seating available for everyone involved. Also, if the project is going to last longer, inquire if the location offers catering or if you will have to take care of that yourself. For how long is the photo studio rentable? Do you need it for a few hours or several days? Beforehand, you should also pay attention to the lighting conditions, whether the location offers a lot of daylight and whether it can be darkened if necessary. You may also need changing rooms and a hair and make-up area for your project. The technical equipment of the photo studio is also very relevant. In most photo studios you can book photo and light equipment, but if you don't need these, it is often possible to rent only the premises of the photo studio.

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

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