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The Monarch Hotel
US$ 64.19 PP
93333 Neustadt on the Danube, Germany
13 rooms (5 - 800)
Fixed catering partner
Galerie Lukasch Eventlocation
US$ 505.96 / Day
90419 Nuremberg, Germany
1 - 60
Catering freely selectable
On request
90402 Nuremberg, Germany
1 - 700
In-house catering
dance maxX
US$ 1,668.91 / Day
90402 Nuremberg, Germany
35 - 170
Catering freely selectable

Alternative venues in the area

ACANTUS Hotel | Tagung | Event
On request
91085 Weisendorf - Oberlindach, Germany
10 rooms (1 - 199)
In-house catering
10 mi away
Eventvilla Forchheim
On request
91301 Forchheim, Germany
2 rooms (10 - 100)
Catering freely selectable
12.5 mi away

What possibilities does Nuremberg offer for parties?

Nuremberg has the right party room for you, no matter what the occasion and no matter how many guests you want to celebrate with. If you want to have a big party and invite a lot of guests, you can rent a ballroom or a hip club in Fürth, which is a bit outside of Nuremberg. If the party should take place in a smaller circle, we recommend to rent a small party room or a cosy bar in Nuremberg Langwasser. But also a hut with an outdoor area and barbecue corner can be rented for your next party. An absolute plus point of renting a party room is that you can fully enjoy the evening with your guests and do not have to come back to the party room the next day to clean up after the raging night.

What should I look for when booking a party room in Nuremberg?

It is important that the party room you rent has enough space for all your guests. Equally relevant is the technical equipment that the party room comes with, such as a good sound system and functioning lighting equipment. If you plan to hire a DJ or a band, the necessary equipment should also be available. In addition, it is a good idea that the location is well connected to public transport, so that no one has to drive home after the long party night. Do you only want to offer drinks at the party or should your guests also be catered for with food?

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different event locations in Nuremberg for every occasion: Whether barbecue hut in the forest, ballroom in the city centre, party room in Langwasser or club in Fürth, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.