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Ethos Society Ktown
€458.16 / Hour
90010 Los Angeles, United States (USA)
6 rooms (1 - 200)
Catering freely selectable
Massive 25,000 Sq Ft 24-hour Production Studio in the Heart of DTLA
€274.90 / Hour
90021 Los Angeles, United States (USA)
1 - 1,500
Catering freely selectable
Hippo Factory Studios
On request
90018 Los Angeles, United States (USA)
1 - 165
Catering freely selectable
WICK Studios
On request
90028 Los Angeles, Vereinigte Staaten (USA)
1 - 40
Catering freely selectable
Union Cowork LLC
€2,290.81 / Day
90013 Los Angeles, United States (USA)
1 - 250
Catering freely selectable

What photo studio options are available in Los Angeles?

In the “Sunshine State,” you’ll find a diverse selection of photo studios. Whether you’re looking for a loft with a view of the Hollywood Sign, an industrial studio in Downtown, or beachside locations, there are ample options to bring your photography project to life in California’s renowned city.

Los Angeles’ artist-rich environment makes it perfect for creative and promotional projects, offering abundant inspiration for your next photo shoot.

What do I need to consider when booking a photo studio?

You’ll need suitable technical equipment and studio conditions, including appropriate lighting, ample rooms, a backstage area, restrooms, and possibly a kitchen. The required space depends on your shoot’s team size and needs. Do you also wish to have excellent natural lighting conditions? What style studio are you looking for – industrial, minimalistic, rustic?

Rest assured that eventlocations.com furnishes all the essential details about each space, addressing all your questions when you plan your next photoshoot.

Why book through eventlocations.com?

eventlocations.com presents a diverse array of inspiring and beautiful photo studios in Los Angeles. Whether situated in the renowned Hollywood area or directly along the beach, Los Angeles provides the ideal backdrop along with a variety of event spaces that you can easily discover using the precise filtering option.

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