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High visibility, a rapidly growing global venue platform, expands its presence internationally. Enhance your service visibility globally.
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With our targeted options, your advertising reaches your selected audience precisely.
High engagement drives high engagement among companies, agencies, and private customers, fostering active participation in finding suitable venues.

Your target audience are our users

The ideal introduction to event planning
As your customer searches for a venue for their event, you can showcase your service in its ideal setting.
The predominant visitors to our platform are agencies and corporate event departments.
Search engines love us! Benefit from our exceptional visibility to reach a broader customer base.

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Service exposure opportunity
With, users can filter and discover suitable venues. Even before they make a formal venue request, your service gains visibility within the relevant advertising environment through platform partner recommendations. This generates valuable attention, giving your service a prominent position.
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Service exposure opportunity strategically suggests services during the confirmation of venue requests. These e-mails are carefully read by individuals who are actively planning events. By doing so, your service will be presented directly to your potential customers, putting you one decisive click ahead of your competition.
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Event planning starts with the venue search. By specifying the number of attendees, occasion, and desired location in the request, we understand the specific event being planned. Showcase your service to a precise target audience that is highly relevant to you. Gain early exposure during event planners' research process.
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Our targeted referral marketing connects event industry service providers with active event planners seeking suitable venues. Recommendations span multiple categories:
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