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REST2RENT - Eventlocation & Koch Fabrik

22761 Hamburg, Germany

200 max. seated, 200 max standing
4,240.98 ft²
Catering freely selectable
up to 100 Mbit/s
Technology freely selectable

Discover REST2RENT - Koch & Event Fabrik in the historic margarine factory at Stresemannstraße 375 in Hamburg! Our unique event space combines the charm of an old brick façade with modern loft glass doors made of black steel and offers you the perfect backdrop for unforgettable events.

Features of the location:

1. versatile event space: with a generous 400 square metres of space, we offer room for a wide range of events, from corporate events to team building activities and private cooking classes.

2. unique atmosphere: Our lighting concept and timeless design make it possible to give every event a personalised touch. Easily adapt the location to your needs or use it for a customised corporate event.

3. stylish interior: The almost 7-metre-long bar in the reception area impresses with its concrete look and sets small accents in salmon orange, the colour of the Gewerbehof. This gives your event an inviting and modern touch.

4. flexibility: Our location is not only perfect for culinary events, but is also ideal for exhibitions, small trade fairs, product presentations and content productions. Shoot streaming videos or cookery videos and use the inspiring environment for social media content.

5. central location: We are located in Hamburg, close to public transport and amenities, making it easy for your guests to reach us.

Experience a unique combination of tradition and modernity at REST2RENT - Koch & Event Fabrik that will add a special glamour to your events. Contact us today to plan your next event and make it unforgettable!


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What sustainability initiatives does the venue implement?

At REST2RENT - Koch & Event Fabrik, we understand that sustainability and environmental awareness are fundamental pillars of responsible entrepreneurship. In our endeavour to create not only memorable but also environmentally friendly experiences, we have implemented the following measures:

  • Sustainable building and conservation: In the transformation of the historic margarine factory in Hamburg into a modern event location, we made sure to utilise and preserve existing structures in a sensible way. This not only reduces the need for new building materials, but also preserves the city's cultural heritage.

  • Energy efficiency: Our location is equipped with modern, energy-efficient lighting and appliances. We rely on sustainable energy sources to minimise our ecological footprint.

  • Regional and seasonal cuisine: We place great emphasis on regional and seasonal products for our cooking events. This not only supports the local economy, but also reduces transport routes and the associated emissions.

  • Waste management: We practise strict waste separation and promote recycling in order to minimise waste. Wherever possible, we use reusable or compostable materials.

  • Education and awareness: We use our events to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire our guests to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

At REST2RENT, we believe that every event is an opportunity to not only inspire our guests, but also to make a positive contribution to the planet. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the industry and are continually committed to improving our practices for the benefit of the environment and the community.


Christmas party
Convention / Congress / Conference
Corporate Event
Dinner Event / Private Dining
Fair / Exhibition
Funeral Service
Gala / Award Ceremony
General Meeting
Incentive & Team Building Event
Movie & Photo
PR & Marketing Event
School Prom / School Party
Seminar & Workshop
Summer Party


PU synthetic resin coating
Disability Access

Venue size

4,240.98 ft²
65.62 ft
82.02 ft
16.4 ft


Gala / Banquet
200 People
200 People
200 People
100 People
200 People


129.17 ft²
13.12 ft
9.84 ft
3.28 ft


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Parking & Staying overnight

10 Parking spots

Rental period

Rental period is freely negotiable


fromUS$ 648.04/ Day
Die Mietpreise variieren je nach Dauer und Veranstaltungsart sowie je nach Leistungsaufwand. Gerne bieten wir Ihnen auch einen Festpreis für jegliche Art der Veranstaltung an in dem alle Leistungen wie z.B. Raumkosten, Reinigung, Personal, Mobiliar, Catering u.v.m inkludiert sind.
Cleaning costs
FromUS$ 64.80
Prices incl. 19% VAT
Please note: The prices displayed are starting prices and may vary significantly during holidays such as New Year's Eve, high season, or special occasions.


Lighting technology
Sound System
Use of technology might cause additional costs

Presentation Technology

Projector Screen
Lectern / Podium
Flip Chart / Pinboard / Whiteboard

Catering & Gastronomy

Bookable with service staff
Tableware bookable
Water Supply


Hygiene concept
Car accessible
Truck accessible
Furniture bookable
No furniture available
Backstage Area
Artists' Dressing Room
Dance Floor

Opening year


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