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Die Moltkeküche
US$ 1,405.36 / Day
50674 Cologne, Germany
1 - 80
Catering freely selectable
Gesundheitszentrum PuR – Bonn
US$ 19.91 / Hour
53129 Bonn - Kessenich, Germany
1 - 48
Catering freely selectable
"bonler - Bonn lernt." Bonn-Küdinghoven
On request
53277 Bonn - Küdinghoven, Germany
Catering freely selectable

What coworking space options does Bonn offer?

Individual offices aren't really your thing and you don't fancy a home office either? Then a modern and light-flooded coworking space in Bonn's city centre near Bonn's main railway station is the place for you. Here you can share your workspace with other coworkers and benefit from the creative community and each other. With a good infrastructure, you can quickly reach the centre of Bonn by public transport as well as by car. Another advantage of coworking spaces in the city center is that you can spend your evening after work in one of the surrounding restaurants or bars. There are also other coworking spaces a bit outside, in the Bonn region, which also have separate meeting and conference rooms. In the near vicinity, there are plenty of options for how to spend your lunch break. If you want to enjoy a walk in the nearby park or to the banks of the Rhine, the location at Bonner Bogen is perfect. Bonn has such a few different coworking spaces on offer, you can check them out on Eventlocations.com.

What is there to consider when renting a coworking space in Bonn?

If you are still a coworking space newbie, you should first buy a day pass to try out the working model and test whether you can maintain your creativity in this environment. Do you have fixed working hours or would you like to be able to work in the coworking space at night? Then you should pay attention to the opening hours of the coworking space. Which industries do the other coworkers come from, are they rather relaxed people and can you imagine working with them in one room? Is the coworking space well connected to public transport or are there enough parking spaces available? Also, consider what equipment should be available in the coworking space or whether you need separate meeting rooms or seminar rooms. Is there wi-fi access, a beamer, the possibility to print something and to make phone calls on site? Most coworking spaces have a small kitchen with a fridge, stove, kettle and microwave.

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different spaces in Bonn and worldwide for every occasion: Whether coworking space in the city centre, workplace on the outskirts or meeting room in the Rhein-Sieg district, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs as well as further information thanks to precise filter options.