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On request
28195 Bremen, Germany
1 - 200
In-house catering
ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen
On request
28195 Bremen - Mitte, Germany
8 rooms (1 - 1,200)
In-house catering

Alternative venues in the area

Country Partner Hotel Worpsweder Tor
On request
27726 Worpswede - Worpswede, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 170)
In-house catering
4.8 mi away
Gasthaus Zur Post Neubruchhausen
On request
27211 Bassum, Germany
1 - 1,500
In-house catering
12.2 mi away
ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven
On request
26382 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
11 rooms (1 - 530)
In-house catering
17.4 mi away
Das Dübel im Kliemannsland
On request
27404 Rüspel, Germany
1 - 45
In-house catering
19.9 mi away
US$ 52.14 PP
27333 Warp, Germany
1 - 120
In-house catering
20.2 mi away
Landhaus Witten Deel
On request
27259 Wehrbleck, Germany
15 - 250
In-house catering
26.6 mi away
Resort Lüneburger Heide
On request
27389 Fintel - Eurostrand, Germany
6 rooms (1 - 740)
In-house catering
28.2 mi away
ANDERS Hotel Walsrode
On request
29664 Walsrode - Walsrode, Germany
In-house catering
29.6 mi away

What possibilities does Bremen offer for renting a restaurant?

In Bremen you will find a wide range of different restaurants. No matter if you want to rent a restaurant for your birthday, for a company party or for your wedding. You can be sure that your guests and you will be spoiled culinary. The traditional Bremen cuisine, for example, has the old sailor's fare Labskaus or kale with pinkel ready for you. But the Hanseatic city also has many other restaurants to offer that go in a different taste direction, because the restaurants are just as diverse as the city itself. Do you want to hold an event in an exclusive setting? Then why not rent the entire restaurant? Or is it okay for you if more people visit the restaurant? If this is the case, you can always rent a separate room in the restaurant.

What do I have to consider when booking a restaurant in Bremen?

You should know the number of your guests in advance, so that you know approximately how large the premises should be, so that each guest has enough space. You should also be clear about whether you eat in closed company and quite privately only for your guests and you rent the restaurant or whether a separate room, away from the normal restaurant activity, is sufficient for you. In order to meet the culinary taste of your guests, you should ask in advance about the taste and possible intolerances of the guests. In addition, you should make sure that the restaurant's décor matches your event, so that the event will be a well-rounded experience for everyone.

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

On Eventlocations.com you will find a large selection of different event locations in Bremen and for every occasion: Whether restaurant directly at the water, cooking studio in the city centre or studio at the outskirts of the city, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.