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28199 Bremen, Germany
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What kind of possibilities does Bremen offer for lofts?

Are you looking for a loft or a penthouse in the Hanseatic city? Then Bremen is the right place for you. The city on the Weser offers you not only modern clubs, cool pubs and exquisite restaurants, but also extraordinary lofts and penthouses. What do you think of an urban loft in industrial style, with direct access to the water, for the next company party? Or should it perhaps be a modern penthouse with a view of the Bürgerpark for the next birthday party? Such a location will definitely impress your guests and offer an unforgettable experience. A loft in Bremen's trendy Viertel district with light-flooded rooms is perfect for a photo shoot or other creative production. The Hanseatic city has these and many other beautiful locations to offer - so nothing stands in the way of the event of your choice.

What should be considered when booking a loft in Bremen?

When booking a loft or penthouse you should consider some points. Consider the size of the location. Is it big enough for the number of guests and suitable for your event? Does the loft have sufficient technical equipment such as suitable lighting and a sound system? If you want to give a presentation in the location, you should make sure beforehand that there is suitable presentation technology such as a beamer, screen and lectern on site. Is the penthouse easy to reach and are there sufficient parking facilities? Do you want to take care of the catering yourself or should there be catering?

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

On Eventlocations.com you will find a large selection of different event locations in Bremen and for every occasion: Whether modern penthouse on the outskirts of the city or urban loft in the city centre, 10 or 500 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find event locations that are perfectly tailored to your wishes and needs thanks to precise filter options.