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On request
22761 Hamburg, Deutschland
1 - 120
Catering freely selectable
BZ Business Center
€499.80 / Day
20459 Hamburg, Germany
5 rooms (1 - 450)
Fixed catering partner
€220.15 / Day
20097 Hamburg - Hammerbrook, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 100)
In-house catering
SGC Studio
€400.00 / Day
20355 Hamburg, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 80)
Catering freely selectable
Studio Hollerstraße
€833.00 / Day
28203 Bremen, Germany
1 - 50
Catering freely selectable
ecos office center Bremen Teerhof
€23.80 / Hour
28199 Bremen - Neustadt, Germany
5 rooms (1 - 350)
Preferred catering partners
Corptrain Academy
€593.81 / Day
28757 Bremen, Germany
1 - 80
Catering freely selectable
€595.00 / Day
28199 Bremen, Germany
2 - 80
Catering freely selectable

What opportunities does Bremen offer in terms of coworking spaces?

In Bremen's city centre around the town hall and the Roland statue, you can pursue your work in the midst of the big city bustle. After work, you can also make yourself comfortable in the surrounding cafés, restaurants and bars and enjoy your evening off. If you prefer to work in the countryside, spaces directly on the Wallanlagen or in Bremen's Bürgerpark are ideal. A relaxing walk in the middle of a hard day's work is of course the perfect thing to do. If you have to be on the road more often due to deadlines, a coworking space near the main train station is a good option. As you can see, the Hanseatic city offers many different coworking spaces - so you can be sure to find the right location.

What do I have to consider when renting a coworking space in Bremen?

If you're not really familiar with the coworking space working model yet, we recommend buying a day pass first to try it out. Do you work according to fixed working hours or is flexibility in working hours important to you? Then you should pay attention to the opening hours of the coworking space. Also ask about the location of the space and whether you can easily reach it by public transport or car. To ensure a productive workday, consider what materials you will need on site. Is there wi-fi access on site, the ability to print something and make phone calls? Is there a small kitchen with a fridge, kettle and microwave? If you include these points in your search for a coworking space in Bremen, you can be sure to find the perfect location.

Why book through eventlocations.com?

eventlocations.com offers a wide range of different event spaces in Bremen for every occasion: whether coworking space in the city centre, party space in the surrounding area or outdoor location in the countryside, 10 or 1,000 guests - on eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.

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