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Halle 9
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30521 Hanover, Germany
1 - 8,130
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Best Western Premier Parkhotel Kronsberg
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30539 Hanover, Germany
2 - 200
In-house catering
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30165 Hanover, Germany
1 - 199
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Messegelände Hannover
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30521 Hanover, Germany
30 rooms (200 - 250,000)
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Tagungsbereich Halle 19/20
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30521 Hanover, Germany
5 rooms (70 - 1,000)
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Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover
On request
30175 Hanover, Germany
10 - 600
In-house catering
ROOM - Running Out Of Minutes
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30167 Hanover, Germany
2 - 120
Catering freely selectable
Brixx Loftstudio
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30419 Hanover, Germany
1 - 200
Mercure Hotel Hannover Medical Park
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30625 Hanover, Germany
1 - 250
In-house catering
US$ 549.33 / Day
30449 Hanover, Germany
1 - 12
Catering freely selectable
US$ 2,288.88 / Day
30519 Hanover, Germany
30 - 800
In-house catering
idee+spiel Hannover
US$ 45.78 PP
30169 Hanover - Calenberger Neustadt, Germany
1 - 96
Catering freely selectable
On request
30521 Hanover, Germany
1 - 80,000
Fixed partner
Businesscenter Hannover
US$ 171.67 / Day
30659 Hanover, Germany
Catering freely selectable
Space Dome
On request
30521 Hanover, Germany
5 rooms (10 - 199)
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Tanzschule u-Dance.de
On request
30161 Hanover - Vahrenwald, Germany
1 room (1 - 100)
Catering freely selectable
Cavallo Königliche Reithalle zu Hannover von 1876
US$ 4,577.76 / Day
30163 Hanover, Germany
40 - 400
Catering freely selectable
Halle 19/20
On request
30521 Hanover, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 14,600)
Fixed partner
EXPO-Holzdach mit Pavillons
On request
30521 Hanover, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 5,000)
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Halle 2
On request
30521 Hanover, Germany
1 - 10,140
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Halle 7
On request
30521 Hanover, Germany
1 - 4,560
Fixed partner
Eilers Classic
On request
30419 Hanover - Ledeburg, Germany
1 - 180
Fixed partner
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30539 Hanover - Bemerode, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 1,200)
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What opportunities does Hannover offer?

The capital of Lower Saxony has a lot to offer.

For one thing, Hanover is a very green city, as there are parks, gardens and recreational areas everywhere. Worth mentioning are also especially the city forest Eilenriede, the Welfengarten, the Georgengärten and the Herrenhäuser Gärten. Furthermore, there is also a lot of water in Hanover, as there are the Leine, the Ihme, the Maschsee, numerous lakes and ponds.

Moreover, Hannover can neither be described as a stressful big city nor as a boring small city, but as something in between. Everything here can actually be reached quite easily by public transport, by bike or even on foot.

The city districts all have different characters, which all together form the overall picture of Hanover. The Hanoverians are basically happy to travel throughout the city and do not stiffen to their (residential) quarter. There it can be that one lives in Linden and goes to the shopping in the city centre or to a café in the List or from the Nordstadt to the weekly market in Linden.

Moreover, there is always something going on in Hannover. Throughout the year there are some great events. These include the Maschsee festival, the international fireworks competition, the small festival in the Great Garden, several street and district festivals or the Fête de la Musique.

The many students also ensure a turbulent life in Hannover and make it a predominantly young city.

In addition, the local transport network in Hanover is also very well developed. The central transfer point where all lines meet is the Kröpke directly in the city centre. Altogether there are tickets for three zones. Zone A is for the city area of Hanover. If your location is in the surrounding area, you can book one or two additional zones.

Popular sights

Hanover has some great sights to offer you, which you may also come across if the location you booked is near here.

When it comes to sights, the first thing that has to be mentioned is the new city hall and the Maschpark that is located behind it.

The new city hall is a landmark of the city and a very popular photo motif, because through its magnificent decorations and the towers it looks like a small castle.

In addition, there is the Herrenhausen Palace with the adjacent Herrenhausen Gardens. These consist of several partial gardens, whereby the centrepiece is the beautiful baroque garden in front of the castle, which is also called the "Great Garden".

Another garden is the Georgengarten. This garden is connected to the castle in the direction of the city centre. Opposite is also the Welfengarten, which also belongs to the ensemble of the Herrenhäuser Gardens. The Welfengarten and the Georgengarten were laid out in the style of an English landscape garden, i.e. with many walking paths, open spaces and large trees. Together they form a recreational area around the Leibniz University in Hannover.

Furthermore there is the Maschsee. This is the most popular recreation area in Hannover. The Maschsee invites on sunny days to a long walk around the lake or if you like you can rent a pedal boat and sail over the Maschsee. Popular open-air events also take place here in the summer months, especially the famous three-week Maschseefest.

The old town is also a very worthwhile place to visit in Hannover. This consists of beautiful medieval half-timbered houses. Overall, the Altstadt can be described as a picturesque district with small alleys and crooked houses, which gives it its own special charm. Today, the half-timbered houses are home to small boutiques, cute cafés, restaurants or even some bars.

Another famous place in Hannover is the Kröpke. This refers to the historic Kröpke clock in the middle of the city centre. The Kröpke is the central traffic junction of the local traffic, as well as the perfect starting point for a shopping tour through the Hanover city centre.

The equestrian statue directly at the station is also a popular meeting place. Because when the Hanoverians say they meet "under the tail" this place is meant.

Last but not least the popular "Limmern" has to be mentioned in this list. This describes the relaxed strolling, strolling, chatting, some delicious food and drink along the Limmerstraße. Linden is perfect for this, because it is known for its cosmopolitan way of life, the unusual gastronomy, cult, quaint or rocky bars and pubs, as well as for the weekly market on Saturday mornings.

City districts

The capital of Lower Saxony has a total of 51 districts, of which we would like to briefly introduce the most popular ones.


Linden-North is one of the most popular districts of Hannover. Here you will find many green spaces, which frame the colorful district, so to speak. This district is also characterized by the prevailing diversity. In addition, you will find here the always lively Limmerstraße, numerous dim corner pubs, bars, restaurants, cute cafes, and much more.


Hanoverians would say "Linden-Mitte somehow has a bit of everything". Many gardens, some very popular clubs, numerous exquisite restaurants, small boutiques for shopping, and, and, and... So there is always something going on here. In addition, the versatile cultural offer is another plus point.


Linden-Süd also impresses with its many green spaces, especially around the Lindener Berg. In addition, you will find the lively Deisterstraße, which means that there is always something going on in Linden-Süd.


The Nordstadt is especially popular because of the famous Georgengärten. This neighborhood is mainly characterized by the young people living here, so students, young adults and young families. Here you will also find everything from quaint pubs to modern bars. In addition, there is also an unbeatable diverse cultural offer here.


After crossing Bahnhofsstraße, affectionately known as the "consumer mile", you reach Kröpke. From here, Hannover's city centre also starts to look nice. Here you will find numerous modern shops, restaurants and bars. In addition, from here you can walk to the beautiful Hanover Old Town and also to the party life at the Steintor. Furthermore, the magnificent opera house and the playhouse are located here.


Südstadt is located between the beautiful Maschsee lake and the Bismarck train station. In addition, this district is constantly developing and becoming more modern. Also more and more popular restaurateurs see this development and settle down in the Südstadt.

Calenberger Neustadt

Calenberger Neustadt is often overlooked, yet it lies between the well-known districts of Mitte, Nordstadt and Linden. This quarter is especially characterized by its high quality of life. In addition, it is almost completely surrounded by water. Furthermore, Calenberger Neustadt has an excellent infrastructure for shopping and eating, as there is something for every taste here.


List is Hannover's most populous district. In addition, here you will find the always lively Listermeile with numerous shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. In addition, you will find many art nouveau apartment buildings here, giving the district a very special glow. Also popular with Hanoverians is the wide range of cultural activities on offer.


What many do not know at all, the just mentioned popular Listermeile, belongs about half still to the Oststadt. For this reason it is not surprising that this district is the second most densely populated district. In addition, you will find the large cultural center Pavillon and numerous small shops and boutiques.


Similar to Südstadt, Limmer is also an up-and-coming district. Although Limmer was more of a village, it is now even considered the "next Linden" by Hanoverians.


One of Hannover's most striking landmarks in terms of nature can be found here - the magnificent Herrenhäusergärten. In addition, the neighborhood has a good infrastructure and connection to the city center, numerous restaurants and supermarkets. Nevertheless, the area is rather quiet, so not necessarily the right district if you are planning something exciting.


The Zoo district is considered by many Hanoverians to be the "epitome of affluence". You'll find plenty of posh city mansions here, which means the whole district tends to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. Another attraction is the eponymous Hannover Adventure Zoo.

What kind of event location suits my event in Hanover?

If you are planning your event in Hannover and it comes to the search of the location, the date, place, number of participants and budget are probably already determined in advance. Depending on what kind of event you are planning, other factors play an important role. These include: How is the location connected to transportation? Should the location be directly in the city centre or rather in the nearer surroundings of Hanover? Which technical and general equipment is already available at the location? Are there accommodation possibilities on site? Does the location offer an included catering? And, and, and...

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Meeting, conference or congress

If you are planning a meeting, a conference or a congress, then the Expostadt Hannover is the right place for you. Because Hanover as a fair city has adapted perfectly to the needs of a fair, a meeting, a conference or a congress due to the increasing demand in the last years. If you expect a large number of participants who do not come from Hanover, a conference or congress hotel might also suit your event. In addition, you should always pay attention to the technical equipment of the location, because this is especially important for a conference.


You are looking for a suitable location for a birthday in Hanover? Then it is advisable to consider in advance how many guests you want to invite to narrow down the number of suitable locations. There are many kinds of locations that you can use for your birthday party in Hanover. These include: a bar or a lounge, a party room or a party cellar if you want to party and dance with your guests, restaurants, cafés or bistros and many more. In addition, if you want to make your birthday a little more active, you can also rent a cooking studio, for example, to cook together with your guests. Just as well you can rent a whole club on the popular Hannover party mile (at the train station or at the Steintor).


Whether a wedding in a castle-like building, in a barn, in a lovingly decorated café, a rooftop location with a view over the beautiful capital of Lower Saxony or in a classic ballroom - here you are guaranteed to find your perfect wedding location so that all your dreams can come true. In addition, there are also numerous top accommodation options in Hanover, so that your guests can simply fall into bed after a night of dancing through the night without any problems.

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a wide range of different event locations in Hanover for every occasion: Whether a conference hotel in Herrenhausen, a ballroom in the city centre, a photo studio in the historic old town or a cooking studio in Hanover-Mitte, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.