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Culinar Herrenhausen
On request
30419 Hanover, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 300)
In-house catering
Cavallo Königliche Reithalle zu Hannover von 1876
US$ 5,390.41 / Day
30163 Hanover, Germany
40 - 400
Catering freely selectable
US$ 2,695.20 / Day
30519 Hanover, Germany
30 - 800
In-house catering

Which possibilities does Hanover offer for renting a festival hall?

The capital of Lower Saxony has some great ballrooms on offer, which are just waiting to be rented by you. Some districts are especially popular when it comes to the search for a festival hall in Hanover.
On the one hand, you can rent beautiful festival halls in all districts of Linden (north, middle and south) to let your event take place there. A big plus of Linden is that this area of the city is very green. Here you will find some venues with an additional outdoor area, which is always a special extra for your guests, as well as many venues overlooking great gardens. In addition, Linden impresses with its direct proximity to the city center and thus also to the main train station, as well as a good connection to the road network. For this reason, all your guests, even those from further away, have a very uncomplicated arrival and departure.
Furthermore, there is the Nordstadt, which is also close to the city centre and the main railway station, making it an equally good district for your event. Here, too, there are many great green spaces, especially known is the beautiful Georgengarten.
In addition, the rather out of the way but quiet area of Kleefeld is also very popular. Here you will find the famous Eilenriede city park, making the whole neighbourhood beautifully green. Although this district is further away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Kleefeld is easily accessible by local transport or by car. So you see, no matter for which area in Hanover you decide, here is definitely the right festival hall for your event.

What do I have to consider if I want to rent a festival hall in Hanover?

We recommend you to start early with the search for a suitable festival hall, because due to the high demand the most popular festival halls in Hanover are also quickly rented. Moreover, you should also consider the following points: How big should the location be, so how many guests do you expect? Are there if necessary overnight accommodations for those of your guests who have a long journey to and from the location? Should there be catering? If so, is there in-house catering, do you want to use an external caterer, should there be a course menu or a buffet? Does the location have the necessary equipment, such as technology, seating, tables, tableware or decoration?

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