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On request
22761 Hamburg, Deutschland
1 - 120
Catering freely selectable
Beach Motel Heiligenhafen
On request
23774 Heiligenhafen, Germany
8 rooms (1 - 150)
In-house catering
Gut Seestermühe | Eventscheune
On request
25371 Seestermühe, Germany
300 - 400
Catering freely selectable
ART Stalker - Kunst+Bar+Events
€101.15 / Hour
10627 Berlin - Charlottenburg, Germany
1 - 150
Catering freely selectable
€2,380.00 / Day
30519 Hanover, Germany
In-house catering
Tanzschule u-Dance.de
On request
30161 Hanover - Vahrenwald, Germany
1 room (1 - 100)
Catering freely selectable
Brixx Loftstudio
€1,154.30 / Day
30419 Hanover, Germany
1 - 200
Bar International
On request
30167 Hanover, Germany
40 - 200
In-house catering
€790.00 / Day
30171 Hanover, Germany
1 - 90
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Which possibilities does Hanover offer for renting a party room or party cellar?

Hanover is especially known for its diversity. As diverse as the city itself are therefore also the popular districts, where the night sometimes becomes day.

First of all, this includes the district Linden, which is again divided into north, centre and south. Linden-North is the hippest district of Hannover. It has many green spaces and accordingly also some outdoor locations. It is a very colorful district, as the people here are basically very cosmopolitan. In addition, you will find the lively Limmerstraße with numerous bars and pubs, which means that there is always something going on here. This means that the residents here are already used to parties and you can celebrate quite carefree with your guests.
Linden-Mitte has "a bit of everything". Here you will find modern clubs, which you can also rent as a party room, but also some locations with a beautiful outdoor area, which is always a nice extra for you and your guests. Also in Linden-Süd there is always something going on, nevertheless it is a bit less popular for parties than the two previous districts.

Furthermore, the Nordstadt is a very popular party area. Because here live many students and young people, whereby the residents themselves like to party or are already used to it, if it could be a bit louder at night.

There is also the Bremerode district. This is located a bit outside the city center, but there is a good connection to the local traffic, which was created by the Expo. Thus, your guests have an uncomplicated journey there and back despite the not so central location.

If you prefer to celebrate a little more among yourselves and away from the hustle and bustle, we recommend the districts of Döhren and Kleefeld. In Döhren you will find a mixed residential area with a rather industrial look. This means that here you can often find large halls, halls, etc. for your party. Kleefeld on the other hand is a very green and quiet, but also quite modern district. So if you prefer to party a bit more quiet and relaxed, Kleefeld can be just the right district for you.

What do you have to consider when booking a party room or party cellar in Hanover?

We recommend to start early with the search for the perfect party room or party cellar, because as everywhere the most popular locations are rented out quickly. Think about in which region of Hanover you want to celebrate your party and pay attention to the connection to the local traffic network or to the parking possibilities on the spot. Also consider the size of the location, so clarify in advance how many guests you expect. Also ask yourself questions such as: Do you need any special technical equipment (such as a small stage with a Dj booth, a large music system, extensive lighting equipment, etc.)? Should there be a catering? If so, what should it look like? For example, should there be an in-house catering? Do you want to hire an external caterer? Or do you want to take care of the well-being of your guests yourself in the form of a buffet?

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a big choice of different event locations in Hanover for every occasion: Whether party room in the city centre, ballroom at the outskirts or party cellar in Linden city, 10 or 1.000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter possibilities.

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