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On request
50679 Cologne, Germany
10 - 150
In-house catering
Restaurant Spoerl Fabrik
US$ 92.81 PP
40477 Dusseldorf - Pempelfort, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 90)
In-house catering
Künstlerverein Malkasten
On request
40211 Dusseldorf - Stadtmitte, Germany
6 rooms (1 - 300)
Fixed partner

Alternative venues in the area

US$ 469.29 / Day
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
2 - 150
Fixed partner
Dorint Kongresshotel Düsseldorf/Neuss
On request
41460 Neuss, Germany
10 - 3,000
In-house catering
1.4 mi away
Gartenhotel FETTEHENNE
On request
40699 Erkrath, Germany
1 - 120
In-house catering
2.1 mi away
Casino Bliersheim
On request
47229 Duisburg - Friemersheim, Germany
1 room (1 - 800)
In-house catering
2.8 mi away
Rittergut Birkhof
On request
41352 Korschenbroich, Germany
5 - 200
Fixed partner
5 mi away
Best Western Plus Parkhotel Velbert
On request
42549 Velbert - Velbert, Germany
9 rooms (1 - 495)
In-house catering
6.1 mi away
US$ 620.50 / Day
42653 Solingen, Germany
1 room (1 - 30)
Catering freely selectable
6.9 mi away
On request
42651 Solingen, Germany
10 - 100
In-house catering
7.1 mi away

What possibilities does Düsseldorf offer for renting a location with a garden?

Since Düsseldorf is also known as the green "garden" city on the Rhine, the range of locations with a garden or a park is also wide. So no matter if you are looking for a location with a garden e.g. for a birthday, a wedding, a company event or a summer party - in Düsseldorf you will surely find it. Here, popular districts with locations in the green are especially Kaiserwerth and Carlstadt. Kaiserwerth is located a little outside the city, but is characterised by its historic centre and its closeness to nature. Carlstadt, on the other hand, is right in the centre and yet very quiet and green. Of course, there are also other locations in the other parts of the city, where you can also find beautiful locations with an associated garden. So no matter if you are in the middle of the city or a little bit outside - in Düsseldorf there is something for everyone.

What do I have to consider when booking a location with a garden in Düsseldorf?

We recommend that you start looking for a suitable location with a garden early on, especially in the spring and summer months, as locations with a garden or a small park are very popular during this time. In addition, consider whether the location can also provide you with an alternative indoor area in case of bad weather. In addition, consider the following: What should the catering look like? Does the location provide you with the necessary technical and general equipment? Are there sufficient parking facilities or is the location well connected to the public transport network?

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different event locations in Düsseldorf for every occasion: Whether restaurant in the city centre, open-air location, cooking studio, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.