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Dorint Thermenhotel Freiburg
US$ 69.23 PP
79111 Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany
9 rooms (1 - 150)
In-house catering

What possibilities does Freiburg offer for renting a restaurant?

Whether you are looking for a restaurant for your birthday, for a company event or for your wedding, in Freiburg you will find the right location for it. You can be sure that your guests and you will be spoiled with culinary delights. In many restaurants with Baden cuisine you will be offered dishes such as sausage salad with Bibiliskäs (herb curd cheese), Spätzle mit Soß' (spaetzle with sauce) or Black Forest cake. If you are looking for restaurants with international cuisine, you will also find it in Freiburg. From Asian to Greek to Indian - the culinary offerings in Germany's sunniest city are as diverse as the city itself. Depending on your wishes and the occasion, you can rent the entire restaurant or just a separate room in a restaurant.

What do I have to consider when booking a restaurant in Freiburg?

In order to better estimate how big the restaurant or the rooms in the restaurant should be, it would be advantageous if you know how many guests you expect. You should also be clear about whether you are eating in closed company and you are renting the restaurant or whether a separate room, away from the normal restaurant activity, is sufficient for you. To be sure that everyone will enjoy the food on offer, you should ask in advance about the guests' personal tastes and intolerances. Does the decor of the restaurant match the occasion of your event? If you take all these points into consideration when planning your event, you can be sure that your celebration will be a complete success.

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

On Eventlocations.com you will find a large selection of different event locations in Freiburg and for every occasion: Whether restaurant directly at the water, cooking studio in the city centre or studio at the outskirts of the city, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.