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City Partner Sporthotel Avantage
On request
24145 Kiel - Wellsee, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 160)
In-house catering
US$ 0.00 / Hour
24143 Kiel - Gaarden-Ost, Germany
5 rooms (1 - 200)
Catering freely selectable

What possibilities does Kiel offer?

People like to party in Kiel. Even if it is not the Kieler Woche, there is a good atmosphere in the city in the far north. You can find various nice locations at the Kiel beach and of course you can also rent a party room in the city centre. If you are looking for a location for very special occasions, such as a graduation ball location or something for the bachelor party, you can even find something with a view of the sea. A beautiful panorama can be quietly added to a beautiful occasion! And even if you're planning a conference or convention, you're sure to find something that will give you and your attendees a stiff breeze to blow around your noses during the break. And with a view of a few passing ships, you can clear your head for new input.

What do you have to consider when booking?

Depending on what kind of event you are planning in Kiel, you should consider different topics. For indoor events, for example, it is important how the technical equipment of the rooms is. What about the general equipment and what kind of seating will accommodate how many people? For outdoor events, on the other hand, you should ask yourself the following questions: Does the location have sufficient parking facilities, is there a comfortable hotel nearby, if applicable, and is physical well-being taken care of or should you book catering and service staff right away?

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different event locations worldwide for every occasion: Whether conference hotel by the sea, ballroom on the outskirts of town, cooking studio in the city centre or castle in the mountains, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.