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Galerie VON & VON
On request
90402 Nuremberg, Germany
1 room (1 - 200)
Catering freely selectable
US$ 887.39 / Day
90403 Nuremberg - Altstadt-St. Sebald, Germany
1 room (1 - 199)
Catering freely selectable
On request
90402 Nuremberg, Germany
1 - 700
In-house catering
Gasthaus Heidekrug
On request
90480 Nuremberg, Germany
1 - 140
In-house catering
On request
90425 Nuremberg, Germany
2 rooms (30 - 350)
In-house catering
Arotel Best Living
On request
90451 Nuremberg - Eibach, Germany
1 - 40
Fixed partner
dance maxX
US$ 1,774.78 / Day
90402 Nuremberg, Germany
35 - 170
Catering freely selectable
Eventlocation Loftwerk
On request
90443 Nuremberg - Hasenbuck, Germany
50 - 400
Fixed partner
Min. consumption from
US$ 1,092.18
90429 Nuremberg, Germany
10 - 200
In-house catering
Apollo Kino Nürnberg
US$ 546.09 / Day
90402 Nuremberg, Germany
1 - 199
Catering freely selectable
Eventlocation LUX
US$ 2,730.44 / Day
90491 Nuremberg - Schoppershof, Germany
1 - 550
Fixed partner
On request
90431 Nuremberg, Germany
1 - 30
Catering freely selectable

What opportunities does Nuremberg offer?

Nuremberg and the surrounding area are not only home to the industry leaders in the field of market research; various large companies in the service sector are also based here. It is a very motivating place where new ideas are pushed forward and which has a lot of know-how to offer. The Nuremberg Exhibition Centre is also one of the most important exhibition and congress locations in Germany. So how about hosting your next corporate event or conference here in Bavaria's second largest city? After attending a few lectures, you can stroll leisurely through the winding streets of the old town, take in a few of the sights and then enjoy one of Nuremberg's famous grilled sausages in a (traditional) restaurant, which Albrecht Dürer is said to have enjoyed with passion.

You are looking for a suitable district and a suitable location in Nuremberg, where your event can take place, but you are not yet familiar with the Franconian metropolis? No problem, the most popular districts include St. Johannis, Pegnitzgrund, Mitte and Gostenhof.

St. Johannis

The district of St. Johannis is located not far from the city wall at the Haller Gate as well as the Hallerwiese and the banks of the Pegnitz. Although the district is close to the city, it is still rather cosy. A wide variety of restaurants and cafés along Johannisstraße and its side streets invite you to enjoy life. The sociable cafés and excellent restaurants can be rented for your next birthday, company party or bachelor party, for example.


The Pegnitzgrund is also called the "green oasis" of Nuremberg. It stretches from Nuremberg to the neighboring city of Fürth and invites not only to jog and barbecue on the green spaces, but also to linger in the adjacent restaurants and bars, which usually also have beer gardens or other outdoor areas. The restaurants and bars with their outdoor areas or gardens can be rented for a summer party or a wedding under the open sky.

Mitte (city centre)

Nuremberg's city centre has one of the oldest (since 1966) and also one of the most extensive pedestrian zones in Germany. Here there is not one big shopping street but the whole area of the pedestrian zone in Nuremberg is spread over some main streets and many side streets, as well as alleys. Nuremberg's main railway station is also centrally located in Nuremberg's city centre. From there, you can find a congress centre as well as conference and meeting rooms and various coworking spaces that you can rent. Due to the central location, you can easily reach these locations using local public transport.


The district of Gostenhof, or also affectionately known as "GoHo", is Nuremberg's trendy district and a real arts and culture district at the same time. Here you can find just about everything: designer and vintage shops, small handicraft businesses, coffee roasteries, bistros with cool crossover cuisine as well as studios. The latter can be rented for workshops, your own tinkering or simply to get inspired. Creative minds create their own spirit in Gostenhof that you won't soon forget.

What do you have to consider when booking a location?

Apart from questions about the number of participants and type of seating, other questions play a role. What equipment do you need? Is it important that all participants have access to the internet? Would they like a catering service that works with the location? Or if you are looking for a location for a wedding in Nuremberg, would you prefer the food to be delivered by an external delivery service you trust? Give some thought in advance to what is most important to you and then rely on the collection of information that we have already clearly illustrated for you.

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