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2 Results
US$ 375.01 / Day
49090 Osnabrück - Osnabrück, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 250)
Fixed partner
HALL OF FAME - Kino de Luxe
On request
49074 Osnabrück, Germany
2 rooms (1 - 1,300)
Fixed partner

Alternative venues in the area

Kletterwald Osnabrück
US$ 24.03 PP
49134 Wallenhorst, Germany
1 - 40
Catering freely selectable
478 yd away
Eventsaal Krähennest
On request
49186 Bad Iburg, Germany
30 - 140
In-house catering
5.3 mi away
Digitalhub TD59 TECHlenburger Land
US$ 609.10 / Day
49477 Ibbenbüren - Ibbenbüren, Germany
2 rooms (1 - 200)
Fixed partner
9 mi away
Hotel - Restaurant Lindenhof
On request
49152 Bad Essen, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 350)
In-house catering
12 mi away
Berggasthof Wilhelmshöhe
On request
32351 Stemwede, Germany
1 - 200
In-house catering
14.2 mi away
Restaurant Sparrenburg
On request
33602 Bielefeld, Germany
10 - 200
In-house catering
22.5 mi away
On request
33607 Bielefeld, Germany
50 - 560
Catering freely selectable
22.8 mi away
LENKWERK Bielefeld
On request
33609 Bielefeld - Bielefeld, Germany
6 rooms (1 - 718)
In-house catering
22.9 mi away

What options does Osnabrück offer for renting a birthday venue?

Due to its diversity, the large city of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony also offers an incredible number of different event spaces for a birthday party.

You can choose between venues such as a cool party barn in the surroundings of Osnabrück, a modern restaurant at the harbour, a pretty café on the historic market square, a stylish bar in Osnabrück's old town or how about a birthday in the zoo or botanical gardens of the "city of peace"? Because the city is located directly in a nature park, outdoor venues are also extremely popular places for a birthday party.

What do you have to consider when booking a venue for a birthday in Osnabrück?

If you are planning a birthday party, determine a few criteria in advance about what you want to look for. Among other things, consider the following aspects in your planning: How big does the birthday event space have to be to accommodate all your expected guests? Are there sufficient parking facilities available on site and what about public transport connections? Are overnight accommodation facilities required?

What about catering services? If you would like to offer your guests more than just drinks, it makes sense to discuss with the venue operator whether there is an on-site catering offer or, if applicable, whether there are fixed catering partners. You should also check the technical equipment of the location in order to be able to organise some in time if necessary.

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different event locations in Osnabrück for every occasion: whether it's a seminar room in the old town, a company party at the harbour or a birthday in a party barn, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find event spaces that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.