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US$ 178.94/ Day
Solothurn, Switzerland
4 rooms (1 - 500)
Catering freely selectable

Venues in the area

Min. consumption from
US$ 94.15
Riedholz, Switzerland
3 rooms (20 - 150)
In-house catering
1.44 mi away
On request
Ersigen, Switzerland
5 rooms (4 - 299)
Catering freely selectable
7.84 mi away
On request
Langenthal, Switzerland
40 - 120
In-house catering
10.78 mi away
On request
Burgdorf, Switzerland
1 - 3,000
Catering freely selectable
10.79 mi away
On request
Langenthal, Switzerland
8 rooms (5 - 1,500)
In-house catering
10.87 mi away
On request
Langenthal, Switzerland
15 - 70
In-house catering
11.15 mi away
US$ 166.15/ Day
Hasle bei Burgdorf, Switzerland
3 rooms (10 - 240)
In-house catering
13.64 mi away
On request
Bern, Switzerland
3 rooms (1 - 150)
In-house catering
15.35 mi away

What options does Solothurn offer?

The baroque city of Solothurn in Switzerland and its beautiful surroundings are definitely worth a visit. Solothurn is considered a cultural city with a lot of charm and a high quality of life. Not only private events but also business events such as conferences or seminars can be super implemented in Solothurn. After a strenuous day of meetings, you can end the evening in the surrounding recreational area of Solothurn with a walk or in the city center in a bar. For a summer party or a wedding, for example, event locations on the waterfront, by the river Aare which flows through Solothurn, are perfect. In addition to event spaces, you can also find nice restaurants and bars in Solothurn, which they can rent for example for a birthday or other celebration.

What should be considered when booking a venue in Solothurn?

To find the right venue for your event you should determine the goal of the event and set a budget at the beginning of the planning. In order to choose the right size of the venue, you should know in advance how many guests you can expect for your event. When looking for the right location, you should also make sure that the guests or participants can easily reach the location. Should the venue be close to the train station or the highway? Or can the event space also be a bit outside in the middle of nature?

Depending on the occasion of the event, the technical equipment of the venue also plays an important role. Should there be a projector, screen, sound system, a proper stage or other specific equipment in the venue? Furthermore, do you have to take care of catering or an additional supporting program besides the actual event? If you consider these points, nothing should stand in the way of planning your event as well as booking the right event space in Solothurn!

Why book via eventlocations.com?

eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different event spaces in Solothurn and worldwide: Whether café in the old town, restaurant in the center or conference room a bit outside the city, 10 or 1000 guests - on eventlocations.com you will find venues that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filters.

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