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Wilhelm5 - Eventlocation
US$ 141.45 / Day
38100 Brunswick - Braunschweig, Germany
7 rooms (1 - 545)
In-house catering
On request
38108 Brunswick - Kralenriede, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 420)
In-house catering
VirtuaLounge - Modern & Unkonventionell
US$ 294.90 / Hour
38100 Brunswick - Braunschweig, Germany
2 rooms (1 - 120)
Fixed partner

What does Brunswick have to offer for meeting rooms?

Braunschweig offers a wide variety of rooms in which you can hold your meetings/conferences. Rooms with whiteboard, micro and other technical equipment can be found in and around the northern German city. Due to the great location in the city centre you can easily reach the events by local and long-distance traffic. After a busy day you can end the evening in a nice café or restaurant or take a look at the impressive history of Braunschweig. But if you want to be a little more nature-bound, Braunschweig also offers suitable locations where you can hold your conference day in rooms flooded with light.

What should you look out for when booking a conference room in Braunschweig?

Due to the fact that Braunschweig offers so many possibilities, it can easily happen that you lose the overview. You should be clear about how many people you expect, so that your meeting room is not too big but also not too small. If you want to keep the journey as pleasant as possible for your participants, then make sure that the meeting room is centrally located so that it can be easily reached by local and long-distance transport. Furthermore, parking spaces are another point that will guarantee you the day and the satisfaction of your customers. Very important is the equipment. You need to be clear about what technical equipment is on site and what you need to organise yourself. Most event organisers offer a catering service for an additional charge. Before you rent your meeting room now, find out if there is a sleeping facility available and if you will take advantage of it.

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

On Eventlocations.com you have the biggest choice of different meeting rooms in Braunschweig. Whether 10 or 500 guests, whether in the centre of Braunschweig or surrounded by nature - on Eventlocations.com you will find the meeting room in Braunschweig that meets your requirements.