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Die Moltkeküche
US$ 1,357.89 / Day
50674 Cologne, Germany
1 - 80
Catering freely selectable
US$ 33.66 / Hour
40221 Düsseldorf, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 120)
Catering freely selectable
Eventlocation Düsseldorf
On request
40233 Düsseldorf, Germany
1 - 80
Catering freely selectable
Restaurant Spoerl Fabrik
US$ 100.71 PP
40477 Dusseldorf - Pempelfort, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 90)
In-house catering
Event Club DUS
On request
40212 Düsseldorf, Germany
1 - 250
Catering freely selectable
Bilker Häzz I Eventlocation D-Bilk
On request
40215 Dusseldorf - Friedrichstadt, Germany
1 room (1 - 110)
Catering freely selectable
Elegant Elephant Studios
US$ 1,009.93 / Day
40231 Dusseldorf - Lierenfeld, Germany
5 rooms (1 - 199)
Catering freely selectable
Seifenfabrik Dr. Thompson´s
On request
40233 Dusseldorf - Flingern, Germany
2 rooms (1 - 600)
In-house catering
On request
40476 Düsseldorf, Germany
1 - 199
Fixed partner
Businesscenter Heerdt
US$ 100.99 / Day
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
1 - 120
Catering freely selectable
Künstlerverein Malkasten
On request
40211 Dusseldorf - Stadtmitte, Germany
6 rooms (1 - 300)
Fixed partner
US$ 2,019.86 / Day
40215 Düsseldorf, Germany
1 room (1 - 50)
Catering freely selectable
Galopprennbahn Düsseldorf
On request
40629 Dusseldorf - Ludenberg, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 5,000)
In-house catering
Cubic Studios
On request
40217 Dusseldorf - Unterbilk, Germany
2 rooms (1 - 500)
Catering freely selectable
On request
40476 Dusseldorf - Golzheim, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 488)
Fixed partner
Capitol Theater Düsseldorf
On request
40233 Dusseldorf - Flingern, Germany
2 rooms (1 - 1,750)
Catering freely selectable

What opportunities does Düsseldorf offer?

The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia has a lot to offer due to the diversity that prevails here. The landmark of the city is the 240m high Rhine Tower, which is located directly on the banks of the Rhine.

On the one hand, the city is known as one of the most important economic centers and trade fair cities in Germany. On the other hand, the city is known for its open-heartedness and exuberant celebrations, especially during the fifth season - the carnival. The people of Düsseldorf are known for their fun-loving and cosmopolitan nature. Especially at carnival time, tourists mingle inconspicuously with the lively locals.

In addition, Düsseldorf is also a thoroughly green city, especially due to the adjacent park at Benrath Palace, as well as the Hofgarten. The latter is the first and oldest public garden and is also called "the green lung of the city".

Another side of Düsseldorf is that the city on the Rhine is also known for its affinity to fashion. Fittingly, Düsseldorf is home to the extremely famous shopping mile "Die Kö". Just keep in mind here that you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket when you go shopping, because on the Königsallee, luxury shops line up one after the other.

What should be considered when looking for an event location in Düsseldorf?

You don't know Düsseldorf very well and don't know which corner of the city suits your event best? Among the probably most popular districts in Düsseldorf are for example Bilk, Flingern Nord, Kaiserwerth, Oberkassel, Pempelfort, the city centre, the old town, Carlstadt and the trendy district Düsseldorfer Hafen. Each district of Düsseldorf has its own advantages and disadvantages, but guaranteed always a very special flair.


This district is particularly popular with young people, due to its direct proximity to the university. In addition, this district is very well connected to the public transport network and is home to many interesting cafés, restaurants and bars.

Flingern North

In this part of town, all kinds of cafés, restaurants and shops for daily needs are lined up next to each other. The Ackerstraß is particularly well known. Flingern Nord is developing steadily and is slowly but surely becoming one of Düsseldorf's "in" areas.


This district is located a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city, i.e. a bit further out. Nevertheless, you can reach the city centre very quickly due to the good connections to the local transport network. In addition, Kaiserwerth offers you the direct proximity to the Rhine, a historic town centre, as well as a basically green and quiet area. Nevertheless, everything you need is offered here.


Oberkassel impresses above all with its beautifully preserved and restored art nouveau houses. This makes this district one of the most beautiful in Düsseldorf. Moreover, Oberkassel is located opposite the Old Town on the other side of the Rhine, which means that you can reach the city centre within 10 minutes.


This district is a small city in itself. Here you will find an almost endless selection of small cafés, restaurants, bars, florists, bakeries, supermarkets, and much more.

The city centre

This is the heart of Düsseldorf, the core of the city. Here you will find the famous shopping mile "Königsallee" ("Die Kö"), the main shopping area of Düsseldorf and the Japanese quarter around Immermannstraße. In addition, the main railway station is located in this part of the city, making the city centre particularly popular if you are expecting people from all over Germany or even international guests.

The Old Town

This is where Düsseldorf's nightlife takes place, as well as major events and the city festival. In addition, this district is particularly characterized by its high density of pubs, numerous restaurants, bar, cafes and various nightclubs. Keep in mind that it can get a bit noisy at night, but of course you can also mingle with the merry party people.


This district is quiet and green in the centre of Düsseldorf. Carlstadt also has a lot to offer culturally, such as several museums, an opera house and a concert hall. Furthermore, the infrastructure and especially the public transport network is well developed. Furthermore, you can reach the airport within 15 minutes.

The trendy Düsseldorf harbour district

This special district is characterized by its contrasting architecture, hip bars, restaurants and luxurious penthouses. In addition, the district scores with its proximity to the city centre and the beautiful location on the Rhine. In addition, you will also find trendy clubs, bars and discos here, if you are looking for first-class nightlife options.

What kind of event location suits my event in Düsseldorf?

If you are planning your event in Düsseldorf and are looking for a location, the date, place, number of participants and budget are probably already fixed. Depending on what type of event you are planning, other factors play an important role. These include: How is the location connected to transportation? Should the location be directly in the city centre or would you prefer it to be in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf? What technical and general equipment is already available at the location? Are there accommodation possibilities on site? Does the location offer an included catering?

Locations in Düsseldorf from 20 persons
Locations in Düsseldorf from 50 persons
Locations in Düsseldorf from 100 persons
Locations in Düsseldorf from 150 persons
Locations in Düsseldorf from 200 persons

Convention, conference or congress

If you are planning a convention, a conference or a congress in Düsseldorf, you have come to the right place. As one of the most important economic centres in Germany, Düsseldorf is known for its successful meetings, conferences and congresses. In Düsseldorf you can choose between several meeting rooms or congress centres. If you expect a large number of participants who do not come from Düsseldorf, a conference or congress hotel might also suit your event. In addition, you should always pay attention to the technical equipment of the location, because this is especially important for a conference.

Summer party

The city on the Rhine is even more worth seeing when the weather is nice. How would it be for your summer party, for example, to let the previous day come to an end on a warm summer evening in a trendy rooftop location in Düsseldorf. Or how about renting a beach club or another open-air location? Furthermore, some indoor locations have an additional garden or a park, which you can rent for your summer party in Munich.


You are looking for a suitable location for a birthday party? Then it is advisable to consider in advance how many guests you would like to invite in order to narrow down the number of suitable locations. There are many types of locations which you can use for your birthday party in Düsseldorf. These include: a bar or a lounge, a party room or a party cellar if you want to party and dance with your guests, a restaurant, a café or bistro, and many more. In addition, if you want to make your birthday a little more active, you can also rent a cooking studio, for example, to cook together with your guests. Just as well you can rent a whole club in the famous Düsseldorf Old Town and in the Düsseldorf trendy district at the harbour.


Whether a wedding in a castle, in a barn, in a lovingly decorated café, a rooftop location with a view over the Rhine or in a classic ballroom - here you will definitely find your perfect location so that your dream of the perfect wedding can come true. In addition, there are also numerous overnight accommodation options in Düsseldorf, so that your guests can simply fall into bed after a night of dancing the night away without any problems.

PR and Marketing Event

Since many successful companies have their headquarters in Düsseldorf, PR and marketing events are also held regularly in Düsseldorf. For smaller events of this kind, modern, stylish locations such as a loft or a studio are best suited. When choosing a location for a PR or marketing event, make sure that your guests can take impressive photos in the location so that even more can be said about your event.

Film and photo

There are numerous suitable locations in Düsseldorf for professional photo shoots. On the one hand, you can choose large photo studios with daylight, a professional shooting area and model changing rooms. On the other hand, you also have the choice between a villa, an old building apartment or a design location to realize your film or photo project. Most film and photo studios in Düsseldorf are very central and therefore easy to reach.

School Prom

The School Prom is a very special event for all graduates and their friends, families and guests. In Düsseldorf there is a wide range of different event locations that you can rent for an Abiball. You have the choice between e.g. a noble ballroom with a big dance floor, a hip club with several rooms and dance floors, a hall, which can shine in a completely new splendour, and much more. It is also important that the location is equipped with the technology you need - should your location have a stage? Do you need microphones and a DJ system?

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different event locations in Düsseldorf for every occasion: Whether café in Bilk, bar in the old town or photo studio in the centre of Düsseldorf, 10 or 1,000 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.