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Seminarhotel Steiermarkhof
On request
8052 Graz, Austria
1 - 1,500
In-house catering
Hotel Gollner Graz
On request
8010 Graz, Austria
2 rooms (2 - 40)
In-house catering
Seifenfabrik Veranstaltungszentrum
On request
8010 Graz, Austria
5 rooms (15 - 2,400)
Catering freely selectable

Venues in the area

Waldcafe Thalersee
On request
8051 Thal, Austria
2 rooms (1 - 900)
In-house catering
773 yd away
On request
8046 Stattegg, Austria
1 room (80 - 250)
Fixed catering partner
0.7 mi away
sGallery Eventlocation
On request
8141 Premstätten, Austria
10 - 300
Catering freely selectable
3.4 mi away
Weingut Kranachberg
€500.00 / Day
8462 Gamlitz, Austria
3 rooms (1 - 60)
Catering freely selectable
19.9 mi away
On request
8333 Riegersburg, Austria
8 - 100
Catering freely selectable
20.6 mi away
Hotel Böhlerstern
On request
8605 Kapfenberg, Austria
1 room (1 - 669)
In-house catering
21.9 mi away
Weinschloss Thaller
On request
8263 Großwilfersdorf, Austria
10 rooms (20 - 2,000)
In-house catering
22.6 mi away
Hotel Moselebauer
On request
9462 Bad St. Leonhard in the Lavant Valley, Austria
1 - 600
In-house catering
28.2 mi away

What opportunities does Graz offer?

The medieval old town of Graz is surrounded by many narrow streets with baroque and renaissance buildings. Here you will find many restaurants that are suitable venues for celebrations and corporate evenings. There is a futuristic art house that provides inspiration and attracts a culturally interested public. And the Schlossberg, considered the city's local mountain, holds impressive views over the city, where you can also rent a single room in Graz. But even if you're looking for something else with a special charm, such as a Christmas party location in Styria, you're sure to find it here!

What do you have to pay attention to when booking?

Depending on the occasion, you should make sure that the location supports the atmosphere you want in Graz. If you want an exchange to take place at your event and for participants to network and develop new ideas together, look for an inspiring space. If you want to be focused on a topic, you may prefer to look for a location that is not distracting.

Why book through eventlocations.com?

eventlocations.com offers a large selection of different event spaces worldwide for every occasion: Whether a conference hotel by the sea, a ballroom on the outskirts of town, a cooking studio in the city centre or a castle in the mountains, 10 or 1,000 guests - on eventlocations.com you will find locations that are perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filter options.

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