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22297 Hamburg, Germany
1 - 200
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Restaurant Henrys
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25999 Kampen (Sylt), Germany
1 - 60
In-house catering
iismeer Sylt
On request
25996 Wenningstedt-Braderup (Sylt), Germany
1 - 150
In-house catering
Hotel Stadt Hamburg
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25980 Sylt - Westerland, Germany
1 - 110
In-house catering
Strandhörn Hotel
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25996 Wenningstedt, Germany
6 - 160
In-house catering
Lighthouse Hotel & Spa
On request
25761 Büsum, Germany
1 - 120
In-house catering
Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa
US$ 158.35 / Day
25761 Büsum, Germany
7 rooms (10 - 260)
In-house catering
havenhostel cuxhaven
On request
27472 Cuxhaven, Germany
2 rooms (10 - 60)
In-house catering
ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven
On request
26382 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
11 rooms (1 - 530)
In-house catering

What possibilities does the North Sea offer for events?

Beautiful, wide beaches, refreshing air, the Wadden Sea and breathtaking locations directly on the water - the North Sea coast and the islands on the North Sea are ideal for private celebrations such as weddings or birthdays in a cosy atmosphere but also for larger, special business events.

Wedding at the North Sea

What could be more dreamlike than a wedding directly at the sea? At the North Sea you can for example celebrate a beach wedding, book a hotel with water view or celebrate a wedding on a ship! Wedding photos can be taken wonderfully in front of the backdrop of beautiful lighthouses.

Is there anything special you need to consider? Probably the most important thing is that you look for a suitable event location at the North Sea early enough, as these are booked up particularly quickly during the season.

Conferences, seminars and training courses at the North Sea

If you are planning a conference at the North Sea, there are definitely enough possibilities for special teambuilding activities in between - you can choose whether you want to meet on one of the beautiful North Sea islands or in a city like Bremerhaven. The fresh air at the North Sea certainly helps to concentrate and offers a special change to the big cities!

Which places at the North Sea are particularly beautiful?

This popular holiday destination is just the right place if you are looking for a location with breathtaking scenery. You don't know yet exactly which place at the North Sea you like best? We give you a brief overview of the most beautiful places on the North Sea.


Sylt inspires countless visitors every year - the island has beautiful, extensive beaches with fine sand to offer, but also the World Heritage Wadden Sea and the colorful thatched roof houses impress many holidaymakers and visitors to the island of Sylt. If you are looking for top class restaurants, cafés and hotels, Sylt is the place to be and you are sure to find the perfect location here.


Helgoland offers its harbour a wonderful backdrop for a wide variety of events. The Hummerbuden - brightly painted wooden houses - are a particular highlight of the island. In addition, it is very convenient that you can go directly from Hamburg to Helgoland with a catamaran in only four hours.

St. Peter-Ording

St. Peter Ording is especially known for its beautiful, extensive beach, which stretches over 12 km. Here you can celebrate a birthday, a christening, a confirmation or a wedding under the stars. And if you are planning a seminar, you can rent a conference hotel with a sea view.


Whether you are planning a party, a graduation ball or a big congress - the city in Schleswig-Holstein has several event locations with maritime flair to offer.

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a limitless selection of different locations at the North Sea and worldwide for every occasion: Whether café in Cuxhaven, roaring party on Sylt, wedding location on Amrum, 10 or 500 guests - on Eventlocations.com you will find locations perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to precise filters.