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Palais in der Kulturbrauerei
On request
10435 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg, Germany
7 rooms (1 - 4,000)
In-house catering
Tanzschule Grenke
€400.00 / Day
24114 Kiel, Deutschland
2 rooms (1 - 350)
Catering freely selectable
ARBOREA Marina Resort Neustadt
On request
23730 New town in Holstein, Germany
5 rooms (1 - 100)
In-house catering
P61 - Creative Eventspace & Gallery
On request
10785 Berlin, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 800)
Catering freely selectable
TT-Line Rostock
On request
18147 Rostock, Germany
3 rooms (8 - 40)
In-house catering
€178.50 / Day
18055 Rostock - Stadtmitte, Germany
1 - 15
In-house catering

Venues in the area

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm
On request
18209 Bad Doberan- Heiligendamm - Heiligendamm, Germany
9 rooms (1 - 760)
In-house catering
6.6 mi away
Gut Gremmelin
€650.00 / Day
18279 Gremmelin, Germany
10 rooms (1 - 70)
In-house catering
19.8 mi away
Gemeindehaus Glewitz
€85.00 / Day
18513 Glewitz, Germany
2 rooms (1 - 60)
Catering freely selectable
28.6 mi away
Seeschloss Schorssow
On request
17166 Schorssow - Schorssow, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 120)
In-house catering
30.9 mi away

What options are there for a seminar room in Rostock?

Whether training or education, conference or meeting, conference or consultation - there are many reasons to rent a seminar room in Rostock. Due to its location near the coast, the city offers a wide variety of possibilities for organising your event. City, seaside resort and proximity to nature can all be found here in one place. Whether the seminar room in Rostock should be in one of the historic buildings or on the water, you decide according to your wishes. The Hanseatic and university city offers the right venue for small and large groups, indoors or outdoors, modern or maritime.

Tips for booking a seminar room in Rostock

To make your event a success, you should consider the following points when planning. The venue should offer sufficient space according to the number of participants and the appropriate room depending on the type of event. Plan early to ensure the availability of the desired seminar rooms in Rostock. When choosing a seminar room in Rostock, pay special attention to the technical equipment: What sound, image and lighting equipment is needed for a smooth event? Furthermore, factors such as overnight accommodation and parking facilities for speakers and participants can be important.

Why book via Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a wide range of seminar rooms for every occasion. Thanks to precise filter options, you can find venues that are perfectly tailored to your needs and receive an offer from the location operator within 24 hours on average.

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