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Alte Schlosserei im Tonwerk Dorfen
On request
84405 Dorfen, Germany
50 - 680
Catering freely selectable
The Monarch Hotel
US$ 58.46 PP
93333 Neustadt on the Danube, Germany
13 rooms (5 - 800)
Fixed partner
marinaforum Regensburg
On request
93055 Regensburg - Ostenviertel, Germany
3 rooms (1 - 1,100)
Catering freely selectable

Alternative venues in the area

Kuchlbauer Weissbierstadl
On request
93326 Abensberg - Abensberg, Germany
In-house catering
15 mi away
Riedenhalle auf Gut Matheshof
On request
92286 Rieden, Germany
10 - 5,000
Catering freely selectable
18.1 mi away
Asam Hotel
US$ 98.24 / Day
94315 Straubing - Straubing, Germany
12 rooms (1 - 500)
In-house catering
18.9 mi away
City Hotel Roding
On request
93426 Roding, Germany
4 rooms (1 - 180)
Catering freely selectable
19.1 mi away
Amberger Congress Centrum
On request
92224 Amberg, Germany
1 - 1,065
In-house catering
28.1 mi away
Bahnhof Landau Eventlocation
US$ 491.22 / Day
94405 Landau, Germany
1 - 140
In-house catering
31 mi away

What possibilities does Regensburg offer for a graduation ball?

Regensburg is characterized by a historic old town and the medieval flair. The capital of the Upper Palatinate has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006 and does not skimp on facets. So if you want to celebrate your Abiball in Regensburg, you can be sure that it will be very special. Whether it should be an Abiball location with a view of the Danube, in the historical ambience in the old town or even in a rustic barn - in Regensburg you will find many different locations for your Abiball and the subsequent Abiparty.

What must be considered when booking prom venues in Regensburg?

The planning of a prom should start early enough. Many of the historic locations in Regensburg are very popular and quickly booked up. Since most high school graduates want to celebrate their graduation ball with family and friends, the location must be large enough. In addition, there must be enough space for a dance floor for the graduation party later in the evening and ideally also a stage. When looking for a location for your graduation ball in Regensburg, you also need to consider what food will be served on the day and whether catering is already included with the location. For a graduation ball, a buffet or a small selection of dishes on a small menu are usually best suited.

Furthermore, you need to ask yourself how your dream location in Regensburg should be technically equipped. Is the location easy to reach and are there enough parking spaces?

You have to consider a lot of things when designing your graduation ball. But don't get too stressed - on Eventlocations.com you will find all the necessary information to make your location in Regensburg make you wishful.

Why book through Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers school prom locations of various kinds in Regensburg: Whether a barn in the historic old town or a ballroom on the Danube - on Eventlocations.com, thanks to the precise filter options, you will find the location for your prom that exactly meets your wishes and does justice to this special event.